Welcome to the New Jersey Public Safety Officers Law Blog. As stated in the title, this blog is dedicated to providing Corrections Officers, Police Officers, and Fire Fighters with current and relevant information regarding the laws, rules, and regulations that are particular to uniformed public safety officers throughout the state of New Jersey. Whether it be the latest interpretation of Civil Service promotional rules and regulations promulgated by the New Jersey Department of Personnel, public employee discipline decisions handed down by the Office of Administrative Law and adopted by the Merit System Board, Agency decisions issued by the New Jersey Public Employees Relations Commission, or Interest Arbitration Awards concerning collective bargaining agreements, you will find timely, interesting, and on point legal commentary here. 

            Based on the unwavering and tireless service that uniformed public safety officers provide to citizens of our state, it is only fitting that a legal forum be provided to keep officers, supervisors, and union leaders updated regarding the laws rules and regulations that effect their employment. The law firm of Arpaia & Crivelli, L.L.C. takes great pride and is sincerely grateful that we have the opportunity to routinely represent public safety officers in administrative tribunals, courts of compensation, and State and Federal courts throughout New Jersey. Providing this blog is our way of saying thank you for your service, and we will continue to protect the rights of those who protect and serve.