On March 5, 2009, New Jersey Governor Jon S. Corzine signed and committed into law the “180 day bill” designed to expedite disciplinary proceedings when law enforcement officers and firefighters are suspended without pay by limiting the number of days pay can be suspended while hearings are still pending.

Corzine stated in a press release that "This bill provides a fair safeguard to law enforcement and fire services-a safeguard that is appropriate in light of their unique contribution to the state by risking themselves to protect others," said Governor Corzine. "We know that the fact-finding and deliberative process can take many months; and that this places a very heavy burden on people, who then must cope with extreme financial hardship caused by a protracted suspension of salary at a difficult and emotional time when their careers are, essentially, in limbo."

The bill, A3481/S1336, was signed during the Police Benevolent Association Mini Convention in Atlantic City. For a full review and analysis of the “180 Day Bill”, please review our blog post of February 4, 2009 entitled, Legislative Proposal Seeks To Provide Law Enforcement Officers Pay Status When Appeals of Termination Are Not Resolved In 180 Days.