Yesterday, April 15, 2009, Governor Corzine issued a press release announcing plans by the State department and agencies to implement one-day furloughs of state employees in May and June as a cost-saving measure.

Plans for implementing two furlough days in the current 2009 Fiscal Year were developed by the departments and submitted to the Governor’s Office for approval. Additional furlough days in the 2010 Fiscal Year that begins July 1 remain in the department planning process and have not yet been finalized. 

As stated in previous entries to this blog, late last year, Governor Corzine proposed the furloughs, a one-day layoff for state employees, along with a wage freeze in response to the steep decline in state revenues as a result of the national economic crisis.  According to Corzine, it was preferable to achieve the same payroll savings through furloughs and wage freezes rather than through permanent layoffs.

Specific information as to when the various state departments and agencies will implement the furloughs in May and June is available on the Civil Service Commission website. 

Please check this blog periodically for updates regarding the mandatory furloughs as more information becomes available.