Recently, the primary authors of this blog, Frank M. Crivelli, Esq. and Donald Barbati, Esq., released a publication entitled “Taking the Necessary Steps to Win Your New Jersey Public Employee Disability Pension Appeal.” 

The publication thoroughly examines the different New Jersey Pension Systems, including the Public Employees’ Retirement System, Police and Firemen’s Retirement System, and the State Police Retirement System and the difference between accidental and ordinary disability benefits under the various pension systems. Moreover, the publication analyzes the applicable decisional and statutory law surrounding public employee disability pension appeals and articulates the necessary criteria to be satisfied and the steps one must take in order to obtain accidental and/or ordinary disability benefits.

This publication is a must have for all State of New Jersey, County and Municipal employees, especially New Jersey Public Safety Officers. Public employee disability pension law is a specialized and highly complex area of law. Should you ever find yourself in need of accidental or ordinary disability benefits, you would be hard pressed to find as useful a resource.

To obtain a free copy of the publication or, alternatively, to discuss its contents in more detail, please contact Frank Crivelli, Esq. or Donald Barbati, Esq. at (609) 890-1900 or via mail at: 2653 Nottingham Way, Hamilton, New Jersey 08619.