As reported by, the New Jersey Supreme Court is expected to decide soon whether judges should be required to pay more into their pension and health benefits, but lawmakers want the issue to go to the voters. 

With a Senate panel poised to take up the issue Thursday, Assembly lawmakers want a companion measure introduced last month in the lower house to get traction. Assemblywomen Amy Handlin and Caroline Casagrande reintroduced ACR152 on May 24 after their first attempt, introduced in November, never made it to the Assembly Judiciary Committee. “The voters should be able to decide whether judges should be included in the new pension reform law that was enacted last year,” Handlin said.

Superior Court Judge Paul DePascale sued after Governor Chris Christie last year signed legislation requiring all state employees, including judges and justices, to pay more into their pension and health benefits plans. DePascale contends the changes amount to a reduction in the salaries of judges and justices, which is prohibited by the State Constitution.

The Supreme Court heard arguments on DePascale’s claim in March, but has not issued an opinion yet.