On August 21, 2013, NJ.COM reported that Governor Chris Christie said Mercer County should follow Camden County’s lead and consider instituting a regional police force to address violence in Trenton.

"I believe if Trenton wants to really repair its public safety system, that they should look to Camden as a model and that they should look to Camden County freeholders in Mercer County," Christie said during a news conference.

"There’s no similarities to what’s going on in Trenton," Christie said. "What’s going on in Trenton is what we used to do here in Camden, which is when things would spike we’d send in the State Police for a period of time to try to quell some of the violence. Then state police would leave and the violence would spike back up again."

In Camden, a county police force replaced city officers, a tactic some have criticized as a union-busting scheme. He praised Camden County freeholders and encouraged Mercer County freeholders to follow suit.

"Now that’s going to take the political courage they had here in Camden," Christie said. "So let’s stop playing the public sector union politics and let’s start playing the public safety priority in this state."

This is a story we will follow closely. Tomorrow we will have the NJ State PBA’s response as I am sure President Wiener’s and his staff are busy preparing it at this very moment.