As reported on NJ.Com, Chris Christie urged Democrats in the state Legislature to work with him to overhaul the public workers’ retirement fund for a second time, or he would take “extreme measures” if they failed to cooperate.

“I’m ready work with the entire Legislature to come up with ideas to fix this, but if they’re unwilling to that do that, this is a problem we’re going to own,” Christie said during a town hall meeting in New Jersey, “I’m willing to take more extreme measures.”

Furthermore, expanding on this premonition, on his radio show on NJ 101.5 FM, Christie stated that he has “significant powers” through “executive action” to make changes to the pension system. The Governor declined to elaborate, however all Public employees throughout the State of New Jersey are well aware of the “executive actions” Christie is referring to as he removed the ability to collectively bargain for health care benefits through executive legislative action.

In his opening remarks, Christie repeated a line from the budget address that this year’s budget is smaller than the 2008 spending plan without pension, health care and debt service costs. The total spending plan — the largest in state history — is $34.4 billion and includes the full, legally required $2.25 billion pension payment.  We will continue to follow this issue and keep our readers posted as it develops.