As reported by, the New Jersey State Police are hiring. The Division announced that applications for the 156th Class will be accepted from April 21 to May 5. At a minimum, candidates must be 21 years old and not reach their 35th birthday prior to their graduation from the training academy.
Applicants must also be U.S. citizens and hold a current driver’s license. For a list of all of the requirements and possible career paths, candidates can visit
“We’re looking for bright, energetic men and women who have demonstrated responsibility and character and are up to the challenge to be their best,” acting State Attorney General John Hoffman said in a statement.
The 156th Class is scheduled to being training in March 2015. Two preceding classes, the 154th and 155th, will train this year. The classes are intended to help replenish the ranks, which have been thinned during the past two years by a wave of retirements.