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New Jersey Senate Passes Bill Placing Armed, Retired Police Officers in Schools

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As reported by, a bill creating a new class of police officer — and stationing armed, retired cops inside New Jersey schools — passed the New Jersey State Senate on Thursday after lawmakers adopted an amendment recommended by Governor Christie. The measure (S2983), which was unanimously approved, establishes “Class Three” special police officers designated… Continue Reading

NJ Republican Seeks to Reduce Government Health Care Costs in Exchange for Constitutional Amendment “Obligating” State Pension Payment

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While Chapter 78 increased the average healthcare contributions required of public employees based upon a sliding percentage of the cost of coverage, if Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon’s proposal is implemented, public workers can expect to pay higher out-of-pocket costs toward coverage provided under a lower-level plan. In exchange, the Assemblyman’s plan provides for a constitutional amendment obligating the… Continue Reading

To Move or Not To Move…That is the Question. A Practical Examination of the Decisions that Must be Made by a Law Enforcement Union Following the Expiration of a Collective Bargaining Agreement

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Most recently, our office has received numerous inquiries from various law enforcement unions throughout the state regarding the effect of the Appellate Division’s decision in two (2) seminal cases upon contractually mandated step movement on a salary guide once a collective negotiations agreement expires. The two cases that are at issue are entitled In the… Continue Reading

The Costs of Chapter 78, P.L., 2011 on New Jersey Retirees’ Healthcare Contributions

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Chapter 78, P.L., 2011 (hereinafter referred to as “Chapter 78”) went into effect on June 28, 2011, and has increased the average healthcare contributions required of public employees substantially. However, not all employees and retirees are equally effected. This article will briefly outline the effect Chapter 78 will have on newly and prospective retirees. Chapter… Continue Reading

Investigation Concludes that Brick Police Officers were Justified in Using Deadly Force in 2015 Shooting

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As reported by the Brick Patch online, the shooting of a 21-year-old Brick Township man in August 2015 during a confrontation with police has been ruled a justifiable use of deadly force, Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato announced Thursday. In a statement released Thursday morning, Coronato said the investigation into the Aug. 23 shooting that… Continue Reading

Trenton First Responders to Receive Bulletproof Vests & Raises

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As reported by, Trenton firefighters will receive bulletproof vests and raises as part of a labor contract approved by city council on Dec. 17. “Our firefighters — they go inside houses — sometimes in situations where they don’t really know what the circumstances are,” Qareeb Bashir, the city’s fire & emergency services director, rationalized… Continue Reading

A.G. Deems Counter-Terrorism Seminar “Not Appropriate”

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The New Jersey Attorney General’s Office will issue new guidelines on police training after the “Know Your Enemy” counter-terrorism seminar for law enforcement was conducted in Ocean County last week. “The private training program that took place in Ocean County last week clearly was not appropriate training and is not the type of training we want our police officers… Continue Reading

Hamilton Police Department Receives State Accreditation

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 As reported by, the Hamilton Township Police Department has received accreditation from the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police.  The Chiefs of Police’s accreditation is a voluntary program in which departments conduct a self-analysis for meeting over 100 standards of operations and best practices.  Trained, independent assessors then review and verify the… Continue Reading

Police Fight Health Cost Hike for Retirees in Berkeley Twp

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As reported by, police officers sent a message to Mayor Carmen F. Amato Jr. and Township Council members Monday: Don’t touch our retiree’s health insurance. “This is way past midstream,” said Don Rowley, a Berkeley officer who is president of Local 237 of the Policemen’s Benevolent Association. “I have members that have been retired… Continue Reading

Moody’s Warns of Teacher Pension Risk to N.J. School Districts under Christie Plan

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  As reported by, a new report from a Wall Street rating agency warns that Gov. Chris Christie’s seemingly dormant plan to overhaul government worker pension and health benefits to save the State billions of dollars could come at a risk to school districts if Christie’s proposed reforms don’t play out as envisioned. Moody’s also… Continue Reading

More Employee Misconduct at Bo Robinson Private Halfway House

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As reported by The, an employee at private halfway house Albert “Bo” Robinson Assessment and Treatment Center, better known simply as Bo Robinson, is again being accused of having inappropriate sexual relations with an inmate. This is the second time since June a Bo Robinson worker was terminated for allegedly engaging in sexual relations with an… Continue Reading

NJ Pledges Millions To Equip Officers With Body Cams

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As reported by, New Jersey has pledged $4 million to equip every New Jersey State Trooper and thousands more local police officers with body cameras as demand for the technology rises in the wake of several high-profile police-involved shootings in the United States. Body cameras, though increasingly ubiquitous in policing, are not yet standard gear for… Continue Reading

NJ Pension Reform Fight Hits NJ Supreme Court

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As reported by, nearly a year after Governor Chris Christie responded to a sudden budget crisis by slashing payments into the State pension system, New Jersey’s public labor unions will fight for their right to that money before the New Jersey Supreme Court on Wednesday.  A victory for the unions could send billions more… Continue Reading

Acting NJ Attorney General ‘Pro-Body Camera’ For Police, But Has Privacy Concerns

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As reported by, Acting State Attorney General John Hoffman said Wednesday his “instincts and intuition are certainly pro-body camera” for police in New Jersey, but he has concerns about how their use might infringe on privacy in cases such as domestic abuse or sexual assault.  Hoffman said during an Assembly budget hearing in Trenton… Continue Reading

Camden County Police Testing Body Cameras On Officers

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As reported in, the Camden County Police Department has been testing body cameras for its officers for the past year, according to officials, with the chief hoping to acquire up to 100 cameras “as quickly as possible.”  According to Camden County spokesman Dan Keashen, the police department has tested cameras from three companies so… Continue Reading

Trenton Police Department Promotes 14 Officers, Reversing Some Demotions From 2011 Layoffs

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As reported by, fourteen (14) Trenton police officers were promoted on Monday during a subdued City Hall ceremony.  The officers raised their right hands and took oaths to become sergeants, lieutenants, captains without family and friends in the audience.  The only attendees were fellow officers, who leaned against the wall and took occasional pictures… Continue Reading

Court Rules Some NJ Volunteer Fire Companies Subject To Public Records Act

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As reported by, a State Superior Court Judge has ruled that four (4) volunteer fire companies in Lakewood are government agencies subject to the New Jersey Open Public Records Act (“OPRA”).  Specifically, the Judge ruled that four (4) volunteer fire companies in Lakewood must produce rosters, check registries, e-mails, meeting minutes and resolutions, and… Continue Reading

Open Letter from NJ State PBA President Patrick Colligan on the Recent Unrest Against Police

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Given the unrest that has erupted throughout our country in response to two Grand Jury decisions that failed to return True Bill’s of Indictment, we came across this letter from PBA President Patrick Colligan that offers an opinion from the perspective of a law enforcement officer.  Given our audience is New Jersey Public Safety Officers, we… Continue Reading

How to Calculate The Amount of Available Money To Be Dispersed to A Union Under New Jersey’s 2% Salary Cap in an Interest Arbitration Proceeding

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CALCULATION OF THE 2% CAP All Public Safety Law Enforcement Unions in New Jersey must have a solid understanding of the methodology in which the New Jersey Public Employment Relations Commission (“PERC”) has interpreted how the 2% cap is to be evaluated and adhered to by an interest arbitrator. To this end, PERC has issued… Continue Reading

Reviewing the “2% Cap” Under New Jersey’s Interest Arbitration Statute

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It has been quite a while since we have provided our readers with information related to the legal issues surrounding New Jersey  Public Safety Officers.  With that being said, we believe it is now very important to provide an overview or a “re-cap” of the New Jersey 2% Salary Cap under the Current Interest Arbitration… Continue Reading