As reported by, Governor Chris Christie’s high-powered pension commission has proposed a sweeping plan that would save the State billions in retirement and health care costs while reducing benefits for hundreds of thousands of public workers.  The commissi0n says New Jersey needs to drastically change its pension and health plans.  Christie’s budget address

As reported by, tax collections during the first two months of the current budget year fell significantly short of Governor Chris Christie’s aggressive revenue projections, according to figures released by the Treasury Department. Monthly revenue reports this early in the year do not typically garner much public attention, but they have taken on

As reported by, the New Jersey Legislature’s nonpartisan budget analyst reported Monday that the State’s revenue fell $254 million below projections for fiscal 2012, a number that Governor Chris Christie dismissed.

The figures released Monday by the Office of Legislative Services are not good news for New Jersey, but they are not

As reported by, talk of fiscal belt-tightening has become common over the last year in the halls of Union County government. Now, with an executive budget set to be unveiled Thursday, the real scope of Union County’s money troubles is coming into focus: Officials say they must close a $36 million deficit, and nearly