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NJ’s Public Employee Donated Sick Leave Policy May Soon Become Law

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In New Jersey under an existing employment regulation, state employees can donate unused time off to a co-worker who has exhausted his/her own allotted leave bank due to a catastrophic illness or injury that has kept them from returning to work. As reported on the website,, State lawmakers want to see this longstanding policy become… Continue Reading

Senate President Sweeney Wants To Put Public Employee Benefits and Pensions On the Chopping Block Again

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As reported in, New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney has plans to wring savings out of government which could fall hard on public employee unions.  Supposedly Sweeny wants to enlist Governor Philip Murphy as his “partner”, but Murphy wants no part of it. Sweeney’s post-budget focus on cost cutting poses a dilemma for Murphy. Will… Continue Reading

Christie’s Attempt to Dismantle the NJ Civil Service System through the Initiation of “Job Banding” is Illegal

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As reported in NJ.Com, a New Jersey appeals court Thursday struck down controversial changes Governor Christie’s administration unilaterally made to the state’s civil service system.  The Appellate Division on the New Jersey Superior Court stated in its decision that the state’s Civil Service Commission was wrong to push forward with the “job-banding” changes over the objections of the state… Continue Reading

Pension Bill Requiring Quarterly Payments Heads To Christie’s Desk

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As reported by, lawmakers voted overwhelmingly to send Governor Chris Christie a bill that will require the State to make quarterly payments to New Jersey’s ailing public worker system.  The proposal, which cleared the Senate by a 35-0 vote and the Assembly 72-0, is a reworked version of similar legislation Christie twice vetoed.  It… Continue Reading

Lawmakers Push Pension Ballot Question On Forcing NJ To Make Payments

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As reported by, a referendum to amend the New Jersey Constitution to require the State to make contributions to public worker pensions cleared the State Assembly Judiciary Committee on Thursday during a discussion that drew sharp criticism from a Republican lawmaker. Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi (R-Bergen) faulted Democrats for pushing the legislation through without proper… Continue Reading

Christie Tells State Pension Fund Trustee’s That They Have No Authority to Request an Audit

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As reported by Samantha Marcus of NJ.Com, The Trustees of one of New Jersey’s largest government employee pension funds say they have been told by Gov. Chris Christie’s administration that they have no authority to request an audit of their fund’s investments, valued at about $80 billion. Tom Bruno, chairman of the board of trustees… Continue Reading

More NJ Public Employee Unions Join Lawsuit Against Christie Over Pay Freeze

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As reported by, the State’s largest state workers union and three others have joined the lawsuit filed by our office against the Christie administration over its decision to freeze wages for state employees.    Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson granted motions from the New Jersey Communications Workers of America, New Jersey Superior Officers Association, Fraternal… Continue Reading

Local Governments Stand To Save Millions By Opting In To NJ Health Plan

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  As reported by, local governments could save more than $100 million annually by opting for the state health benefit plan instead of costlier alternatives, according to a State Comptroller’s Office report released Tuesday. The audit looked at four local governments of varying locations and sizes, Essex County, Brick Township, East Brunswick, and Haddon Township,… Continue Reading

NJ Unions, Public Workers Sue To Stop Pension, Benefits Overhaul

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  As reported by, dozens of unions and public workers filed suit against the newly enacted pension and health benefit overhaul in federal court yesterday. The 58-page, 17-count suit charges the state violated the state and federal constitutions by suspending cost of living adjustments for at least 30 years, failing to make full payments into… Continue Reading

Deal Is Not Close With Largest NJ Public Worker Union, Gov. Christie Says

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  As reported by, Governor Chris Christie says contract talks with New Jersey’s largest public worker union are continuing at a slow pace. Christie says the administration has offered proposals on wages and non-economic issues to the Communications Workers of America. However, he does not expect an agreement within the next two weeks. The contract for… Continue Reading

Sweeney, Norcross Lose Support Of AFL-CIO

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  As reported by, two of the most prominent Democrats in the state legislature-both labor leaders-lost the support of a major union coalition Thursday, spelling possible trouble for their November reelection fights. The statewide AFL-CIO, representing 30 unions of public and private-industry members, voted in the annual endorsement conference not to support Senate President Stephen… Continue Reading

Unions Halted Donations For Legislators Before Vote To Overhaul Pensions, Benefits

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  As reported by, three major public worker unions’ committees stopped donating to state lawmakers while the legislators, who face elections in November, were preparing to vote on a landmark overhaul of pensions and health benefits. The Communications Workers of America, New Jersey Education Association, and AFSCME zeroed out what had been historically steady… Continue Reading

Sweeney Says State Police Should Drop Charges Against Protesters Arrested At Pension Rally

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  As reported by, the State Police should drop all charges against the protesters arrested at Thursday’s contentious budget hearing, Senate President Stephen Sweeney said today. “The issues of pension and health reform are tough and emotional,” he said in a statement. “I understand that. And as someone who has spent my life in a union fighting… Continue Reading

CWA Head Says Sweeney’s Health Benefit Proposal Is Misleading

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  As reported by, the state’s largest public employee union said State Senate President Stephen Sweeney has released misleading information about how his health benefit overhaul will affect the pocketbooks of workers. Sweeney wants to shift more of the costs of health benefits onto public workers. All state and local public employees would pay a… Continue Reading

Christie Seeks to Change Health Benefits of Workers Through Collective Bargaining

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  As reported by, after asserting for months that state employee health benefits will be overhauled through legislation, Governor Chris Christie’s office is now seeking the changes through collective bargaining with the state’s largest employee union. “He’s out of his cage!” read a memo to Communications Workers of America members obtained by the Star-Ledger,… Continue Reading

Gov. Christie, CWA Begin Bargaining Over Health Benefits

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  As reported by, Governor Chris Christie began bargaining over health benefits for state employees this week, according to a memo sent out to members of the Communications Workers of America obtained by the Star-Ledger. Christie has been adamant for months that he would obtain changes to employee health benefits through legislation. The new offer,… Continue Reading

State Workers Demonstrate Solidarity Against Christie’s Proposed Benefit, Pension Cuts

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  As reported by, state workers have begun wearing red arm bands to voice their opposition to proposals that would slash their health benefits. The arm bands are being distributed by the Communications Workers of America, the largest public employee union in New Jersey that represents most of the state’s professional rank and file staff.… Continue Reading

CWA Files Unfair Practice Charge Against Christie

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  As reported by, New Jersey’s largest state worker union filed an unfair practice charge against Governor Chris Christie’s administration, saying the administration has so far refused to negotiate health care costs.  The Communication Workers of America filed the charge with the state Public Employment Relations Commission (“PERC”) on May 12, 2011. Union leader Hetty… Continue Reading

Sweeney, Oliver Meet With Unions To Talk Health Care

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  As reported by, Democratic leaders met with union officials and sources say the topic was overhauling health benefits. Senate President Steve Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver met with the heads of the biggest public employee unions: Communications Workers of America, America Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, International Federation of Professional and Technical… Continue Reading

Christie Slams Alternative Proposal by CWA on Health Care Benefits

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  As reported by, Governor Chris Christie panned an alternative proposal by the State’s largest public employee union to overhaul health care benefits. “Their offer stinks,” Christie said at a press conference in Trenton. “It doesn’t save any money.” Christie wants all state employees to pay for 30 percent of the cost of health insurance… Continue Reading