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Christie, NJEA Agree To Meet About Changes in Healthcare For Retirees

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As reported by, the New Jersey Education Association (“NJEA”) and Governor Chris Christie’s administration agreed to hold an information-only meeting on proposed changes to retiree healthcare.  The administration took the teacher’s union to court to compel members who sit on the School Employees’ Health Benefits Commission to attend commission meetings.  They have boycotted recent… Continue Reading

NJEA, Christie Administration Fight In Court Over Public Retiree Health Coverage

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As reported by, a Superior Court judge is expected to decide whether to order members of the State’s teachers’ union in a dispute with Governor Chris Christie’s administration to give up its boycott of meetings setting health care benefits for public employees.  The administration took members of the New Jersey Education Association who sit… Continue Reading

NJ Public Unions Defend Mandatory Dues Challenged in U.S. Supreme Court

Posted in Public Employment Labor Law

As reported by, New Jersey’s public labor unions leaders say they are intently watching a case before the U.S. Supreme Court that could strike down compulsory membership dues and threaten how they are funded.  The outcome is of major consequence in the Garden State and about 20 other states where public workers are required… Continue Reading

Police and Fire Benevolent Associations File Lawsuits To Mandate Funding

Posted in Public Employment Labor Law, Retiree Benefits

As reported by, in the aftermath of Governor Chris Christie’s budget address, the leaders of the State’s Police and Fire Benevolent Associations announced their decision to file separate lawsuits aimed at making the Governor comply with the full funding of the public pensions.  Below, reprinted in its entirety, is a statement of explanation the… Continue Reading

NJ Unions Deride Christie Pension Fix As ‘Deceptive,’ Say It ‘Punishes’ Healthy Funds

Posted in Retiree Benefits

As reported by, just hours after Governor Chris Christie claimed he’d reached an “unprecedented accord with the New Jersey Education Association” that would “solve our long-term problems with the pension and health benefit systems,” the criticism poured in, from the NJLEA, from other union leaders and even a former New Jersey governor.  NJLEA President… Continue Reading

NJ Unions, Public Workers Sue To Stop Pension, Benefits Overhaul

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  As reported by, dozens of unions and public workers filed suit against the newly enacted pension and health benefit overhaul in federal court yesterday. The 58-page, 17-count suit charges the state violated the state and federal constitutions by suspending cost of living adjustments for at least 30 years, failing to make full payments into… Continue Reading

Sweeney, Oliver Denied Endorsement By NJEA

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  As reported by, New Jersey’s largest teachers union is declining to endorse the state’s two legislative leaders, the latest sign of a rift between public employee unions and Democrats who supported an overhaul of pension and health benefits. On Saturday, the union’s political action committee announced its endorsement of 68 candidates for state… Continue Reading

Unions Halted Donations For Legislators Before Vote To Overhaul Pensions, Benefits

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  As reported by, three major public worker unions’ committees stopped donating to state lawmakers while the legislators, who face elections in November, were preparing to vote on a landmark overhaul of pensions and health benefits. The Communications Workers of America, New Jersey Education Association, and AFSCME zeroed out what had been historically steady… Continue Reading

Bill That Would Allow NJ Public Workers To Opt Out Of Joining Union Has No Chance to Pass, Sheila Oliver Says

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  As reported by, labor leaders in New Jersey, still licking their wounds after losing a fight over pension and health benefits in the Democratic Legislature last month, are being told a new anti-union bill does not stand a chance.  The leader of the state Assembly told The Associated Press that New Jersey won’t… Continue Reading

NJ Workers March Across Delaware River In Protest of Benefit Cuts

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  As reported by, about 200 public employees marched across the Delaware River this morning in protest of cuts to their benefits. Later, protesters attempting to get into the Statehouse were pushed back by State Police troopers. Led by Revolutionary War re-enactors, the workers carried signs and chanted as they crossed the Calhoun Street bridge… Continue Reading

Sweeney, Oliver Meet With Unions To Talk Health Care

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  As reported by, Democratic leaders met with union officials and sources say the topic was overhauling health benefits. Senate President Steve Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver met with the heads of the biggest public employee unions: Communications Workers of America, America Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, International Federation of Professional and Technical… Continue Reading