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Public Safety Officers Must Be Mindful of Impact of Restraining Orders On Their Employment

Posted in Public Employee Discipline
Recently, the Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division (“Appellate Division”) issued an opinion in the case In the Matter of Frank Harkcom, Bayside State Prison, Department of Corrections.  This case reinforces the fact that New Jersey Public Safety Officers must be mindful if there is a temporary (“TRO”) or final restraining order (“FRO”) entered against them… Continue Reading

Appellate Division Again Considers Meaning of “Undesigned and Unexpected” in NJ Public Employee Accidental Disability Appeals

Posted in Disability Retirement
The Appellate Division once again the considered the “undesigned and unexpected” standard as it pertains to qualifying for accidental disability retirement benefits in the case of Mason v. Bd. of Trustees, Police and Firemen’s Retirement System. In the case, the appellant alleged she was injured while qualifying with a firearm for her work as a Correction Officer… Continue Reading

Jersey City Employee Unions Challenge Layoffs

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  As reported by, unions representing Jersey City municipal employees have filed an appeal with the state Civil Service Commission, challenging some 100 layoffs the administration has carried out so far this year. The city changed titles of politically-connected employees to avoid laying them off, kept temporary employees on staff for longer than it… Continue Reading

Denial of Application for Accidental Disability Retirement Benefits Upheld

Posted in Disability Retirement
On September 27, 2010, the Appellate Division decided Briane K. Washington v. Board of Trustees, Police and Firemen’s Retirement System, Docket No.: A-1857-08T1. In the case, Briane Washington (“Washington”), a former Essex County Correction Officer, applied for accidental disability retirement benefits as a result of an incident on February 21, 2005, when an inmate, who… Continue Reading

The Intricacies of Collecting Retirement Benefits While Continuing To Work In Law Enforcement

Posted in Retiree Benefits
Most recently, the New Jersey Supreme Court heard argument and deceided the case of Hemsey v. Police and Firemen’s Retirement System, A-15 September 2008 Term, on Certification from the Appellate Division, 393 NJ Super 254 (App. Div. 2007). Hemsey was hired as a police officer by the City of Trenton in 1973.  In 1998, he… Continue Reading