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N.J. To Slash Pension Investments In Hedge Funds That Were Criticized By Unions

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As reported by, the State Investment Council on Wednesday agreed to slash New Jersey’s investments of public-sector pension dollars in hedge funds by more than half, responding to labor union concerns that the alternative investments are not paying off. At the council’s last meeting in May, union representatives called for drastic reduction in the… Continue Reading

NJ Unions, Public Workers Sue To Stop Pension, Benefits Overhaul

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  As reported by, dozens of unions and public workers filed suit against the newly enacted pension and health benefit overhaul in federal court yesterday. The 58-page, 17-count suit charges the state violated the state and federal constitutions by suspending cost of living adjustments for at least 30 years, failing to make full payments into… Continue Reading

Effort to Cut NJ Public Workers Benefits Advances Despite Opposition

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  As reported by, fierce opposition could not stop the Senate from passing a contentious measure Monday that will sharply raise the cost of health benefits and pensions for the state’s 500,000 public employees. With protesters dressed in Revolutionary-era garb gathered outside the Statehouse and union members clamoring inside, the pivotal Senate vote came… Continue Reading

Benefits Bill Brings More Protests, Debate to NJ

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  As reported by, more union protests are planned at the New Jersey Statehouse for Monday as the debate over public employee benefits rages on. A bill requiring sharply higher pension and health care contributions from 500,000 public employees will be voted on in the Senate on Monday, the same day the contentious bill gets… Continue Reading

Some Democrats Tell Protesters They Will Not Vote For Public Worker Pension, Benefit Overhaul

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  As reported by, rank-and-file Democrats are lining up to take the microphone at a steadily growing union rally outside the Statehouse today, vowing to cast no votes on a bill that would overhaul pension and benefits for teachers, cops, firefighters, and others. Assemblymen Wayne DeAngelo, Daniel Benson, Patrick Diegnan, Reed Gusciora, Vincent Prieto,… Continue Reading

Sweeney Says He Is Drafting Bill To Change Pension, Benefits System for Public Workers

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  As reported by, Senate President Stephen Sweeney said today he plans to introduce legislation to increase health and pension benefits payments for public workers and that the Budget and Appropriation Committee will hold a hearing on it next week. Sweeney and Governor Chris Christie have reached an agreement on the measure, but Assembly… Continue Reading

NJ Assembly Holds UP Pension, Health Benefits Overhaul Brokered By Christie, Sweeney

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  As reported by, Governor Chris Christie and Senate President Stephen Sweeney were poised to announce an agreement on a plan to overhaul health and pension benefits for public employees, but were stymied after the compromise received a chilly reception in the Assembly. “We are not there yet,” said Speaker Sheila Oliver, who found herself… Continue Reading

Deal to Change NJ Public Workers’ Pensions, Benefits Is Struck by Christie, Sweeney

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  As reported by, public workers would pay more for their pension and health benefits under a deal struck between Governor Chris Christie and Senate President Stephen Sweeney. Under the deal, most public workers would immediately pay an additional 1 percent of their salaries for their pensions, while police and firefighters would pay an additional… Continue Reading