As reported by, New Jersey and its municipalities just got permission to house first responders and others who may have been exposed to the coronavirus in hotels and motels at federal expense. The State became eligible to request Federal Emergency Management Agency funding after President Donald Trump issued an emergency declaration March 26.

The idea behind the program is to provide individual housing for first responders or people who otherwise would be living in group quarters, thus stopping the spread of the coronavirus. Moreover, by using hotel rooms, the State can free up already-scarce hospital beds for more serious cases, and allow those exposed to the coronavirus to avoid infecting family members or others they live with.

“This increased access to housing for vulnerable populations, health care workers, and first responders will allow New Jerseyans to isolate themselves without fear of spreading COVID-19 to family members and their surrounding communities,” said Gov. Phil Murphy, who sought federal approval for the housing arrangements.

The use of hotels for first responders is yet another mechanism for New Jersey Public Safety Officers to potentially utilize in preventing the spread of the coronavirus and ensure the safety of their family and loved ones.  While issues such as the availability and use of personal protection equipment are vital, the use of hotels could well serve many officers battling on the front lines. Please continue to check this blog periodically for important updated regarding the impact of the coronoavirus on all New Jersey Public Safety Officers. Stay safe and healthy.