As reported by, former Department of Corrections’ official Lydell Sherrer pleaded not guilty to charges of bribery and attempted extortion today in federal court. Sherrer is accused of taking bribes from corrections employees he supervised while serving as assistant commissioner. 

Federal authorities said he offered jobs, transfers and help with a lawsuit

In the case entitled, In the Matter of Herrick, etc. 33-2-1258, The New Jersey Superior Court, Appellate Division opined that a police officer serving in the elevated civil service title of captain in order to fill a vacancy created by a temporary leave of absence due to a military obligation has no claim to

I was driving home from a legal seminar in Northern Virginia today when I received and E-Mail message from Sergeant Steve Brzdek, President of The New Jersey Law Enforcement Supervisors Association, the collective bargaining unit that represents all New Jersey State Supervisory Law Enforcement Personnel. The E-mail informed me that a Federal Corrections Officer was