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New Jersey Supreme Court to Determine if Volunteer Firefighters Can Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Posted in Workers Compensation
As reported by the New Jersey Law Journal, the New Jersey Supreme Court has taken up the issue of whether a volunteer firefighter who was injured while responding to a fire should be awarded workers’ compensation benefits. The firefighter, Jennifer Kocanowski, is seeking to overturn an Appellate Division decision determining that, since she was unemployed… Continue Reading

Award of Dependency Benefits to Police Officer’s Family Upheld

Posted in Workers Compensation
On April 17, 2009, the Appellate Division decided Tracey Wilde v. Township of Cranford, Docket No.: A-3391-07T2. In the case, the Workers’ Compensation Court awarded dependency benefits to petitioner, Tracey Wilde (“Tracey”) and her two children. On appeal, the Township of Cranford contended the court erred in finding that petitioner’s husband, Russell Scott Wilde, Sr., (“Wilde”) suffered… Continue Reading

Workers’ Comp Reform Instituted

Posted in Workers Compensation
On October 1, 2008, Governor Jon Corzine signed into law five bills aimed at fixing New Jersey’s Workers’ Compensation System. Significantly, the bills should reduce the long delays in making injured workers whole. The legislation, the State’s first workers’ compensation overhaul in thirty years, was the product of public hearings that followed a series of articles… Continue Reading

Partial and Total Disabilty Benefits under the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation System

Posted in Workers Compensation
Last week we spoke about medical benefits in the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation System. In this entry we will give a brief overview regarding total permanent disability benefits, and partial total disability benefits. The third type of benefit that an injured worker is entitled to receive under the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Act is commonly referred… Continue Reading

Medical Benefits Under The New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Act

Posted in Workers Compensation
We haven’t spoken about the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation system in a little while and there is still a great amount of information regarding the available benefits that all public safety officers and first responders should be made aware of. With that being said, let’s talk a little about medical benefits under the New Jersey Workers Compensation… Continue Reading

Sick Leave Injury (SLI)–The Common Reasons for Denial of Benefits

Posted in Sick Leave Injury Benefits, Workers Compensation
As you may remember from the June 27, 2008 blog entry, injured New Jersey Public Safety Officers may be entitled to receive Sick Leave Injury benefits or “SLI” benefits due to their inability to report for duty due to illness, injury, or infirmity that occurred on the job. This particular entry is written by Michael… Continue Reading

Temporary Total Disability Benefits and Sick Leave Injury (SLI) Benefits Under The New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Act

Posted in Workers Compensation
Let’s talk about temporary total disability benefits injured public safety officers are entitled to receive under the New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Act.  The New Jersey Workers Compensation Act provides each employee who has suffered a workplace injury with temporary total disability benefits. Temporary total disability benefits are those benefits that are most akin, or similar, to… Continue Reading

Federal Corrections Officer Murdered at Atwater US Penitentiary

Posted in Workers Compensation
I was driving home from a legal seminar in Northern Virginia today when I received and E-Mail message from Sergeant Steve Brzdek, President of The New Jersey Law Enforcement Supervisors Association, the collective bargaining unit that represents all New Jersey State Supervisory Law Enforcement Personnel. The E-mail informed me that a Federal Corrections Officer was brutally… Continue Reading