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State Correction Officers Win Fight Over Sick Leave Pay as Christie Signs New Bill into Law

Posted in Public Employment Labor Law, Sick Leave Injury Benefits
As reported by, following the publicity of numerous corrections officers beaten at work, Gov. Chris Christie has agreed to provide sick leave pay to prison workers assaulted by inmates. Christie signed a bill into law on Monday that will make corrections, juvenile, parole and probation officers whole — albeit on a limited basis —… Continue Reading

Correction Officers Renew Calls for Better Workers’ Compensation After Brutal Attack

Posted in Sick Leave Injury Benefits
As reported by, the recent brutal attack on a State Correction Officer at East Jersey State Prison has union officials calling for the passage of a bill that would make compensation similar to that of police officers and firefighters injured on duty. On the morning of December 31, Daniel Campione, a Correction Officer at… Continue Reading

Correction Officers Union Wants Inmates Moved After Attack, Protest

Posted in Sick Leave Injury Benefits
As report by, officials from the State’s Corrections Officer’s union say prison administrators reneged on an agreement to relocate inmates who staged a protest following the return of an officer injured in an attack earlier this month.  The turmoil comes after an August 3 incident in which six correction officers were injured, said Brian… Continue Reading

State Corrections Officers Loss of SLI Benefits Finally Attracts Media Attention

Posted in Public Employment Labor Law, Sick Leave Injury Benefits
As reported in NJ.COM, the beating of State Corrections Officer Elegia Then by an inmate in New Jersey State Prison has finally attracted media attention to the fact that NJ State Corrections Officers no longer receive Sick Leave Injury Benefits (SLI) for injuries that occur during the course of duty.   SLI benefits previously allowed… Continue Reading

Are Your SLI Payments Being Taxed–Whether They Are or Not–YOU NEED TO READ THIS POST!!

Posted in Sick Leave Injury Benefits
Most recently, I was contacted by Jim Messier, President of the New Jersey Law Enforcement Association, and informed that he received notification from the Association’s accountants, McEnerney, Brady & Company, L.L.C., that Sick Leave Injury payments are not subject to state and federal income tax in accordance with Internal Revenue Code 104(A)(1) and Dyer v.… Continue Reading

Sick Leave Injury (SLI)–The Common Reasons for Denial of Benefits

Posted in Sick Leave Injury Benefits, Workers Compensation
As you may remember from the June 27, 2008 blog entry, injured New Jersey Public Safety Officers may be entitled to receive Sick Leave Injury benefits or “SLI” benefits due to their inability to report for duty due to illness, injury, or infirmity that occurred on the job. This particular entry is written by Michael… Continue Reading