Illustrating the potential dangers New Jersey Public Safety Officers encounter on a daily basis, gunfire erupted as a police tactical squad executed a no-knock search warrant in Lakewood on September 23, 2009, leaving four officers and a suspect shot. The incident was reported by the Associated Press in an article on September 24, 2009.  

Point Pleasant Beach Police Chief, Daniel DePolo, has charged that the budgetary cuts initiated by the Borough Government are so deep that they are placing the public safety at risk and will prevent the police department from fulfilling its mission.  Recent budget cuts have chopped the Department’s overtime budget by 75% and have made cuts

On March 20, 2009, the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey decided the case of Wade v. Colaner. In the case, plaintiff, a Tinton Falls police officer, was pulled over by New Jersey State Troopers for speeding. Plaintiff was subsequently charged with careless driving, obstruction of administration of law, and resisting arrest. On