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Preparing for Collective Negotiations in 2018 Now That The 2% Salary Cap Has Expired

Posted in Contract Negotiations, Interest Arbitration, Pay and Overtime, Public Employment Labor Law
Next week I will again be speaking at the New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association’s Collective Bargaining Seminar in Atlantic City, New Jersey.   Now that the two percent (2%) Interest Arbitration Salary Cap has expired and not been renewed, this will be the first time in eight (8) years that the seminar is being held where… Continue Reading

Police Call Layoffs a Union-Busting Tactic

Posted in Pay and Overtime, Public Employment Labor Law
As reported by, members of the Bergen County Bureau of Police Services police union on Monday protested more than two dozen impending layoffs and about a dozen demotions that, the union head said, is an attempt to bust the 75-officer organization. But Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino, the target of the union’s ire, said there’s another reason for the staffing cuts — namely, his need for more sheriff’s… Continue Reading

NJ Supreme Court Hears Argument Over Government Imposed Salary Freeze

Posted in Contract Negotiations, Pay and Overtime
  As reported by, public employee unions and government officials clashed Monday in a case before the state Supreme Court that could determine whether workers across New Jersey will get pay raises. The state’s highest court heard oral arguments over the whether “step” increases — increases in pay when workers reach annual milestones in years… Continue Reading

Agencies Barred From Unilaterally Changing Terms of Bargaining Agreement, Court Rules

Posted in Contract Negotiations, Pay and Overtime
As reported by the New Jersey Law Journal, public employers do not have a unilateral right to change the terms of a collective bargaining agreement with their workers merely by citing an economic crisis, the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday. In a 6-0 ruling, the state’s highest court said a local school board,… Continue Reading

New Jersey Senate Passes Bill Placing Armed, Retired Police Officers in Schools

Posted in Pay and Overtime, Uncategorized
As reported by, a bill creating a new class of police officer — and stationing armed, retired cops inside New Jersey schools — passed the New Jersey State Senate on Thursday after lawmakers adopted an amendment recommended by Governor Christie. The measure (S2983), which was unanimously approved, establishes “Class Three” special police officers designated… Continue Reading

The Unforseen Costs of Overtime in New Jersey’s County Correctional Facilities

Posted in Contract Negotiations, Interest Arbitration, Pay and Overtime, Public Employment Labor Law
As reported this week in NJ.Com, County Correctional facilities across New Jersey spent approximately $185.7 million on overtime for correction officers, who clocked in approximately 3.9 million hours at the time and a half rate between 2010 and 2012, according to a report by the New Jersey State Comptroller. Out of the 21 counties ranked by… Continue Reading

South Hunterdon County Municipalities to Discuss the Consolodation of Public Safety Services

Posted in Pay and Overtime, Public Employment Labor Law, Shared Services/Consolodation
As reported in NJ.Com. the Mayors of the three South Hunterdon municipalities with local police forces are talking about a regionalized department and are moving forward with the support of county Prosecutor Anthony P. Kearns III and Freeholder Rob Walton. The mayors of Lambertville, West Amwell and Delaware Townships advocate a police merger.  A state-funded… Continue Reading

NJ.Com Editorial Calls for Renewal of the 2% Salary Cap–In Our Opinion, It Has To Go

Posted in Contract Interpretation, Contract Negotiations, Interest Arbitration, Pay and Overtime, Public Employment Labor Law
 A recent editorial published on NJ.Com calls for Assembly Speaker, Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson County) to renew the two percent (2%) salary cap on interest arbitration awards for law enforcement officers and firefighters that is set to expire on April 1, 2014.   The editorial stated that the 2% cap had to be put in place… Continue Reading

Corrections Officers in Florida win “Portal to Portal” Overtime Grievance

Posted in Pay and Overtime
Most recently, in performing an assignment for one of the labor unions that we represent, we came across the following Grievance Arbitration Decision from the State of Florida. The case analyzes some very important “portal to portal” and “shift overlap” issues in the field of Corrections and should be reviewed by Union Locals to determine if… Continue Reading

New York Governor Vetoes Routine Pension Measure

Posted in Pay and Overtime
  New York Governor David Patterson dropped a bombshell on two powerful unions yesterday when he unexpectedly vetoed a routine measure that for nearly thirty (30) years had allowed New York city cops and firefighters to retire with generous pensions. “These are not routine times,” Paterson said in vetoing the “temporary” measure that, since 1981, had… Continue Reading

Public Employees and Forfeiture of Pension Benefits

Posted in Pay and Overtime
On May 14, 2009, the Appellate Division decided Harry G. Parkin v. Board of Trustees, Public Employees Retirement System, Docket No.: A-2466-07T1. In the case, Harry Parkin appealed from the final agency decision of the Board of Trustees of the Public Employee Retirement System (“Board”) resulting in the partial forfeiture of his service and salary credits.… Continue Reading

Civil Service Commission to Hold Public Hearings on New Jersey State Employee Furloughs

Posted in Pay and Overtime
As posted on the website for the New Jersey Law Enforcement Supervisors Association, at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, April 23, 2009, the New Jersey Civil Service Commission will hold a public hearing on the new rules authorizing the unilateral imposition of involuntary, unpaid furloughs, or temporary layoffs affecting public employees.  The meeting will be held… Continue Reading

Superior Court, Appellate Division upholds Corzine’s Decision to Furlough New Jersey State Employees

Posted in Pay and Overtime
On Friday, April 17, 2009, The Superior Court of New Jersey, Appellate Division, upheld the ability of state and local governments to furlough public employees. The court agreed with the decision of the state government that the fiscal crisis that the state and nation currently faces allows for emergency action. In citing its opinion the court… Continue Reading

Corrections Officers–Are Budget Cuts Placing Your On The Job Safety At Risk?

Posted in Pay and Overtime
Gannet News Services ran an article in today’s Asbury Park Press that discussed how the New Jersey Department of Corrections saved 2.6 million dollars in overtime spending by slightly "tinkering" with the Department’s overtime policies.  As all corrections officers and supervisory personnel are aware, the minor tinkering that is discussed in the article is what… Continue Reading

Ocean County Police Chief Charges that Budget Cuts Prevents Department from Fulfilling Its Mission

Posted in Pay and Overtime
Point Pleasant Beach Police Chief, Daniel DePolo, has charged that the budgetary cuts initiated by the Borough Government are so deep that they are placing the public safety at risk and will prevent the police department from fulfilling its mission.  Recent budget cuts have chopped the Department’s overtime budget by 75% and have made cuts… Continue Reading

Sheriff’s Officer Responsible for Reimbursement of Training Costs

Posted in Pay and Overtime
In the case of Spicuzzo, Sheriff of Middlesex County et al. v. Barcheski, App Div., 33-2-2859, the Appellate Division approved a final judgment entered in favor of the Plaintiff, the Sheriff of Middlesex County, where in the Defendant in the case was ordered to reimburse the department $8,469.48 pursuant to a written contract outside of the collective… Continue Reading

Update On The Issue of Donning and Doffing

Posted in Pay and Overtime
On January, 22, 2009, The East Valley Tribune, based in Phoenix, Arizona reported that The Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) lost its federal lawsuit against the City of Phoenix, Arizona that sought pay for officers to put on and take off uniforms and protective equipment.  The Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, which represents about 2,200 sworn officers, lost… Continue Reading

K9 Handlers Entitled to Overtime Pay

Posted in Pay and Overtime
Everyone is in agreement that K-9 units are an important part of law enforcement. Dogs are used to find hidden illegal narcotics, bombs, improvised explosive devises, injured and trapped individuals, and even dead bodies. However, what is not common knowledge is that law enforcement officers that are assigned to K-9 units often care for these important animals… Continue Reading