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New Jersey Supreme Court to Determine if Volunteer Firefighters Can Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Posted in Workers Compensation

As reported by the New Jersey Law Journal, the New Jersey Supreme Court has taken up the issue of whether a volunteer firefighter who was injured while responding to a fire should be awarded workers’ compensation benefits. The firefighter, Jennifer Kocanowski, is seeking to overturn an Appellate Division decision determining that, since she was unemployed… Continue Reading

Police Dash Cam Footage and Use-of-Force Reports Must be Turned Over Under the New Jersey Open Public Records Act

Posted in Public Employment Labor Law

This past week the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that dashboard recordings and use-of-force reports generated in connection with the fatal police shooting of a man who led officers on a high speed chase through several North Jersey towns are public records and thus subject to disclosure under the New Jersey Open Public Records Act. … Continue Reading

The Intricacies of Collecting Retirement Benefits While Continuing To Work In Law Enforcement

Posted in Retiree Benefits

Most recently, the New Jersey Supreme Court heard argument and deceided the case of Hemsey v. Police and Firemen’s Retirement System, A-15 September 2008 Term, on Certification from the Appellate Division, 393 NJ Super 254 (App. Div. 2007). Hemsey was hired as a police officer by the City of Trenton in 1973.  In 1998, he… Continue Reading