On Thursday, July 13, 2017, The New Jersey State Senate will vote on a supplemental appropriations bill to pay workers who were unable to work during the State governmental shutdown that was imposed over the last July 4th weekend.  This bill would amend the 2018 budget appropriations bill to ensure that those workers that were involuntarily furloughed be paid for the time that they were disallowed from working through no fault of their own.

Many State Public Safety Officers were forced off from work, some being deemed essential employees while others were not.  In addition, many public safety officers that had scheduled paid time off during the involuntary furlough such as vacation or personal days inexplicably had this time “returned” to their banks and were docked pay instead.  The reasoning behind these actions are bewildering to say the least.  We will update our readers tomorrow in regard to the supplemental appropriations bill as we recognize this is an important issue to State Public Safety Officers.