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New Jersey State Employees to Receive Back Pay For Time Away From Work Due To Government Shutdown

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As reported by NJ 101.5, Governor Chris Christie has signed the bill granting back pay to state workers to cover the wages lost during the three-day partial government shutdown at the start of July. An estimated 30,000 to 35,000 workers were furloughed. Most of them were off the job for one day, as the first… Continue Reading

New Jersey State Senate Approves Bill by 31-0 Margin to Pay State Workers Frozen Out of Their Jobs During Governmental Shutdown

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As reported in the NJ Observer, public employees frozen out of their jobs during the three-day government shutdown would receive back pay under a bill that passed the state Senate in a 31-0 vote Thursday. Gov. Chris Christie has said he would sign the back-pay legislation, should it pass the Assembly. The bill was introduced in… Continue Reading

New Jersey State Senate to Vote on Supplemental Appropriations Bill to Pay Public Employees That Were Involuntarily Furloughed

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On Thursday, July 13, 2017, The New Jersey State Senate will vote on a supplemental appropriations bill to pay workers who were unable to work during the State governmental shutdown that was imposed over the last July 4th weekend.  This bill would amend the 2018 budget appropriations bill to ensure that those workers that were involuntarily furloughed be paid for… Continue Reading

Judge Halts Christie’s Atlantic City Police Layoffs

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As reported by, a Superior Court judge has temporarily blocked the State of New Jersey from unilaterally imposing layoffs and schedule changes on the Atlantic City Police Department. The ruling is the second time Judge Julio Mendez has checked the vast powers granted the Christie administration under the Municipal Stabilization and Recovery Act, which went… Continue Reading

Police Call Layoffs a Union-Busting Tactic

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As reported by, members of the Bergen County Bureau of Police Services police union on Monday protested more than two dozen impending layoffs and about a dozen demotions that, the union head said, is an attempt to bust the 75-officer organization. But Bergen County Sheriff Michael Saudino, the target of the union’s ire, said there’s another reason for the staffing cuts — namely, his need for more sheriff’s… Continue Reading

New Bill Proposes $2 Room Surcharge at A.C. Hotels to Avoid Police and Firefighter Layoffs

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As reported by, guests at Atlantic City hotels may soon see a new $2 surcharge on their room bills to help avoid police and firefighter layoffs in the financially struggling seaside gambling resort. Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto on Tuesday proposed a bill that would temporarily charge hotels in the city a $2 tax or fee to help… Continue Reading

Pemberton Township Considers Hiring a Civilian Police Director to Run its Force

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As reported in the Burlington County Times, a controversial ordinance to revise the local code to create a Civilian Police Director’s position has been put on hold.  The Pemberton Township Council voted unanimously Wednesday night to table a vote on the ordinance and create a subcommittee to research and review the position of Civilian Police director,… Continue Reading

State PBA Wants Trenton Mayor To Resign, County To Take Over City Police

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  As reported by, citing rampant crime and Mayor Tony Mack’s federal indictment on corruption charges, the State Policemen’s Benevolent Association President became the latest official to demand Mack step down from office. PBA President Anthony Wieners said Trenton and its layoff-depleted police force need help immediately. “The recent wave of violence in Trenton shows… Continue Reading

Camden FOP Leaders Reviewing Offer From Freeholders On Regional Police Department

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  As reported by, the Camden Police Union’s leadership is reviewing an offer from the County Freeholder Board that would allow the bargaining unit’s full membership to be considered for employment in the new regional police department as well as provide continuity of medical and pension benefits for officers making the switch from the… Continue Reading

Old Bridge Lays Off Ten Officers

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  As reported by, on Thursday, Old Bridge Township laid off 10 officers and issued notices that some supervising officers, including captains, lieutenants, and sergeants, would be reduced in rank. Mayor Owen Henry said the department was reduced from 91 officers to 81 because of a recent arbitration award resolving a police contract dating back… Continue Reading

Trenton Violence Prompts Meeting With AG Officials About NJSP Intervention

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  As reported by, amid a rising tide of violence in Trenton, including a murder in the shadow of the Statehouse on Route 29, the State Attorney General sent officials yesterday to discuss helping Trenton’s layoff-depleted police department, Mercer County Prosecutor Joe Bocchini said today. The meeting between Bocchini, Trenton acting Police Director Dave… Continue Reading

Trenton Welcomes Back 18 Officers Out of 105 Laid Off

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  As reported by, reclaiming the gear they laid down more than two weeks ago, 18 formerly laid-off Trenton police officers returned to work Monday morning.  The somber ceremony of laying down boots outside police headquarters the day of the layoffs was replayed backwards inside the department’s training room, as returning cops happily donned… Continue Reading

Jersey City Employee Unions Challenge Layoffs

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  As reported by, unions representing Jersey City municipal employees have filed an appeal with the state Civil Service Commission, challenging some 100 layoffs the administration has carried out so far this year. The city changed titles of politically-connected employees to avoid laying them off, kept temporary employees on staff for longer than it… Continue Reading

Crime In Camden Up Since Police Layoffs

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  As reported by, crime in Camden is on the rise following deep cuts to the police force earlier this year. An analysis of crime data by The Courier-Post of Cherry Hill finds violent crime was up 13 percent from January 1 through June 20 compared with the same period a year ago. The rates… Continue Reading

Orange Rehires Five Cops That Were Laid Off

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  As reported by, five police officers laid off in January were sworn in at Orange City Hall council chambers. The city rehired the officers using money from a federal grant originally meant for new hires, Mayor Eldridge Hawkins, Jr. said. The officers raised their right hands, then received their badges in a ceremony attended… Continue Reading