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CWA Head Says Sweeney’s Health Benefit Proposal Is Misleading

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  As reported by, the state’s largest public employee union said State Senate President Stephen Sweeney has released misleading information about how his health benefit overhaul will affect the pocketbooks of workers. Sweeney wants to shift more of the costs of health benefits onto public workers. All state and local public employees would pay a… Continue Reading

State Workers Demonstrate Solidarity Against Christie’s Proposed Benefit, Pension Cuts

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  As reported by, state workers have begun wearing red arm bands to voice their opposition to proposals that would slash their health benefits. The arm bands are being distributed by the Communications Workers of America, the largest public employee union in New Jersey that represents most of the state’s professional rank and file staff.… Continue Reading

CWA Files Unfair Practice Charge Against Christie

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  As reported by, New Jersey’s largest state worker union filed an unfair practice charge against Governor Chris Christie’s administration, saying the administration has so far refused to negotiate health care costs.  The Communication Workers of America filed the charge with the state Public Employment Relations Commission (“PERC”) on May 12, 2011. Union leader Hetty… Continue Reading

Push is on to Reform NJ Pensions By End of June

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  As reported by, despite slim Democratic support, state Senate President Stephen Sweeney is prepared to move forward with a plan to overhaul public employee pensions and health benefits before the end of next month. Sweeney has lined up a small group of Democratic senators who said they would be willing to join with Republicans… Continue Reading

Police Departments Statewide Are Feeling the Squeeze

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  As reported by, the Freehold Township Police Department has new sign at its front window: “Due to staffing issues, this window may be closed throughout the day. If this is an emergency, use the red telephone.” It’s literally a sign of the times, as police departments throughout New Jersey continue to cope with the ongoing… Continue Reading